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Magnetic induction

magnetic field strength
magnetic intensity
magnetic flux density
magnetic field


The magnetic induction is the physical measure, which defines the force characteristic of the magnetic field (its action on charged particles) in this space, and the physical size equal to the ratio of the maximum moment of rotation acting on the contour with a current in magnetic field to the moment of this magnetic contour.

1 tesla is the magnetic induction, for which through a cross section with an area of 1 square meter a magnetic flux of 1 weber passes.

1 tesla is the magnetic induction of a uniform magnetic field, in which on a flat contour with current with the magnetic moment of 1 ampere per square meter, the maximum moment of rotation of 1 newton meter acts.


system of units:   SI;
statute:   derived unit (with a special name);
name the value:   B, H;
unit name:   tesla;
symbol unit:   T;
relationship of definition:   B = Φ/A;
dimension:   M T-2 I-1;
expression in other units:   γ, Gs, G;

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Units of measurement

namesymbol value in SI unit:
1 gammaγ= 10-9 
1 gaussGa, G= 10-4 
1 webber per square metreWb/m²= 1.0