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Dynamic viscosity


The dynamic viscosity is the physical measure of the environment (oil, gas) internal friction coefficient of the environment (oil, gas) to cause internal friction resistance at mutual non-uniform movement of internal layers.

1 pascal second equals the dynamic viscosity of the environment, the tangential stress for which at the laminar flow and speed differences, according to the normal of 1 meter per second of the layers situated at a distance of 1 meter, it is equal to 1 pascal.


system of units:   SI;
statute:   derived unit;
name the value:   η;
unit name:   pascal second;
symbol unit:   Pa·s;
relationship of definition:   η = F/((dv/dl)·ΔS);
dimension:   L-1 M T-1;
expression in other units:   lbf·s/ft², lbf·s/in²;

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Units of measurement

namesymbol value in SI unit:
1 poiseP, Po= 0.1 
1 poundal second per foot square ≈ 1.488 164 
1 pound-force per foot squarelbf·s/ft²≈ 47.880 26 
1 pound-force per inch squarelbf·s/in²≈ 6 894.757 
1 pound per foot hourlb/(ft·h)≈ 4.13 378 9 × 10-4 
1 pound per foot secondlb/(ft·s)≈ 1.488 164 
1 slug per foot secondslug/(ft·s)≈ 47.880 26