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Angular Acceleration


The angular acceleration is the physical measure, which defines the speed variation of a material point with a path of concentric movement (on circumference) onto the plane or in space per unit time.

1 radian per second squared is equal to the uniform angular acceleration of the rotary movement of a material point on circumference, which speed changes with 1 radian per second at each 1 second.


system of units:   SI;
statute:   derived unit;
name the value:   ε;
unit name:   radian per second squared;
symbol unit:   rad/s²;
relationship of definition:   ε = ω/t;
dimension:   T-2;
expression in other units:   rad/min², rot/min²;

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Units of measurement

namesymbol value in SI unit:
1 radian per minute squaredrad/min²≈ 2.(7) × 10-3  
1 Π per second squaredΠ rad/s²≈ 3.141 592 
1 Π per minute squaredΠ rad/min²≈ 8.726 645 × 10-4 
1 circle per second squared ≈ 6.283 185 
1 circle per minute squared ≈ 1.745 329 × 10-3 
1 circle per minute second ≈ 0.104 720 
1 revolution per second squaredr/с²≈ 6.283 185 
1 revolution per minute squaredr/min²≈ 1.745 329 × 10-3 
1 revolution per minute secondr/min·s≈ 0.104 720