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The area of Kepler triangle


The Kepler triangle is a variety of right triangle characterized by having a right angle, and the sides constitute a geometrical progression. In the same row, the ratio of sides’ length are related to the golden ratio: approximately 1 : 1,272 : 1,618.

The area of Kepler triangle is equal to the half product of legs. This formula is a variety of general formulas of calculating for area of a triangle, where one of the legs has the role of the triangle’s height, and the other leg is triangle’s base.

Computing relationship:


a, b — the leg of triangle.

Calculator: area of Kepler triangle

For separation of number integers and decimals, use the symbol – point [.]

the leg of triangle — a

the leg of triangle — b


the area of Kepler triangle =



context information: contemporary and archaic unit of measurement of area