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The area of an ellipse


The ellipse is a plane curve defined as the geometrical locus of the points for which the sum of distances to two fixed points, called also as focal points of the ellipse, is constant.

The ellipse is a conic, that is, it is one of the curves that can be obtained by intersection of a cone and a plane.

The area of an ellipse is equal to the product of the values of π and it’s a and b semi-axes.

Computing relationship:


a — the major semi-axis of ellipse;

b — the small semi-axis of ellipse.

Calculator: the area of an ellipse

For separation of number integers and decimals, use the symbol – point [.]

the major semi-axis of ellipse — a

the small semi-axis of ellipse — b


the area of an ellipse =



context information: contemporary and archaic unit of measurement of area